PL/SQL Test-A-Thon

At the end of the first day of OPP2007, Steven Feuerstein organized a Test-A-Thon to promote the use of Quest Code Tester for Oracle (QCTO).

A Test-A-Thon is a contest that tests your ability to construct unit tests for PL/SQL code with a tool like QCTO.

You have a fixed amount of time to solve a number of exercises. Each exercise consists of a PL/SQL program and a number of tests with the expected outcome.

The winner is the person who successfully builds the most test cases within a certain amount of time and is able to show the test results with the test tool.

I joined in the contest and obtained a shared second place together with two other participants.The first price went to Filipe Silva from Portugal who solved four exercises and a bonus exercise within an hour. Congratulations!

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