Multi value selectors

APEX had three multi value selectors: check box, multi select and list manager. APEX 3.0 introduces a new multi value selector: the shuttle. An shuttle consists of two text areas with buttons between the the area's to move items back and forth. At the right side, the selection, there are buttons to change the order of the items in the right text area. All selectors are based on a list of values. Setting or getting values of these selectors can be done with colon separated strings i.e. 'Violet:Indigo:Blue'.

The shuttle and list manager also preserve the select order as you can see in the picture. For each selector the same values in the same order are selected: first Violet and second Indigo. As you can see in the text boxes the shuttle and list manager preserve selection order in contrary with check box and multi select. The picture shown here is a modified version of on-line demo Item Types.


APEX 3.0 on XE part 2

On 29 Februari 2008 Oracle released Application Express 3.1 . With this release you can upgrade the Application Express within Oracle XE to 3.1. For more information on this topic see Oracle Database XE and Application Express 3.1 and APEX 3.1 on XE .

If you followed the guidelines of APEX 3.0 on XE, you have a working APEX 3.0 interface. However the administrative interface of APEX is not installed on XE by default. Using this interface you can manage all aspects of the service including creating, removing, and managing workspaces. Barney Mattox discovered a workaround to install this interface as well.

In order to install the administrative interface perform the following steps:

  1. Start SQL*Plus. Make sure your working folder is the APEX installation folder (where apexins.sql is located).

  2. Connect as user SYS.


  4. The following command imports the administrative interface: @script\f4050.sql

  5. The following command imports the request for workspace interface: @script\f4700.sql

  6. Change the password for the ADMIN user in order to login in the administrative interface: @apxxepwd.sql

  7. Use the following URL to access the administrative interface http://server:port/apex/f?p=4550:10 i.e. .

Additonal notes:

  • Issue a spool install.log after logging in to SQL* Plus. If there occurs an error SQL*Plus will exit. You can use the logfile to find out what went wrong.

  • I experienced problems with step 3: Illegal security group id value for this schema. A workaround is to login as FLOWS_030000 and run the scripts. First you need to unlock user FLOWS_030000: