Oracle Drive and Oracle Express

I read this post about Oracle Drive. Oracle Drive is a WebDav (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) client for use in an Oracle Portal environment. I installed the client and used my Oracle Express (XE) database as server. I mapped the N: drive to

Now I can use the following features:

  • I can work off line, I can change files while I am not connected with the database i.e. database is down or when I work at a remote location. Synchronization takes place when you connect to the database.

  • I can schedule a backup of Windows files, this backup copies the files (without compression) to the WebDav folder, the files are stored within the database.

  • I can put a lock on a file within a WebDav folder, other users can not change this file.

Oracle Drive works with XE and has some "nice to have" features at the cost of a little memory usage. Personally I like the built in Windows Explorer as described in this post a lot more.

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